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Integrative Breathwork is a wonderful tool for self-exploration and healing.

This simple yet powerful technique has proven to have huge health benefits whilst at the same time supporting your mental wellbeing. By focusing on the breath and quieting your mind your body will have the opportunity to release, to let go and to heal.

Step into the unknown and open the way for healing. Feel and listen to the wisdom of your own body as it offers guidance through the power of breath. 

I offer a calm, gentle space where you can feel safe and relaxed as you embark on your journey inwards.


For thousands of years, spiritual practices have been used to access different states of consciousness to promote healing.  Ancient tribes and religions have used deep breathing and rhythmic vibrations in a variety of ways to receive guidance, celebrate life and to connect to the universe.

Integrative Breathwork has proven to lower blood pressure, relieve anxity, and alleviate stress along with many other health benefits.  This breathing technique allows us to access, release and integrate trauma, memories, and emotions that are stored in our mind, body and soul. 

 The Breath is our very own key to unlocking freedom from the past.


“Thank you! I found the session such a beautiful, insightful, safe, uplifting and nurturing experience from the moment I walked in. I definitely want to be part of another group in the future. So much love!”



“I was feeling anxious before the session but it quickly felt like a really safe space to let go. I had a very uplifting and soothing experience and felt peaceful afterwards. I have found myself able to do nice things for myself, which normally I find so hard. I can’t emphasise enough what a big deal that is for me!”